Tax, White Collar, & Criminal Defense

Mr. Washington's tax, white collar, and criminal defense practice centers around representing individuals in tax (civil and criminal), white collar crime investigations, and other federal criminal matters.  His knowledge of tax law and procedures, as well as his experience as an IRS Criminal Investigator and as a Certified Public Accountant, gives him a unique perspective that few others have.  As a professor, author, speaker, and publisher of the Louisiana Sentencing Newsletter, Mr. Washington is constantly researching issues that prove to be critical to protecting the interests of his clients.  His experience, knowledge, and understanding of the law allows him to develop effective solutions that ensure individuals can resolve their issues in a manner that is efficient and effective.

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS: Many times, the most important stage of criminal investigations is the beginning of the investigation.  If this critical stage is handled correctly, individuals may be able to avoid jail time and substantial fines that often result from the investigative process.  Mr. Washington has used his experience and knowledge to respond to investigative inquiries and to assist clients during this crucial stage of investigations.  He has been successful in developing strategies that have resulted in the dismissal of key charges, the avoidance of indictments, and the dismissal of entire investigations.  In instances where indictments or charges are filed, Mr. Washington has been successful in negotiating favorable plea deals and on behalf of his clients.

TAX CONTROVERSY: Mr. Washington is an active advocate for businesses and individuals in various tax litigation matters. He has represented clients before the Internal Revenue Service during audits and appeals and has litigated tax issues in the United States Court of Federal Claims, the United States Tax Court, as well as various Federal and State District Courts.

FOREIGN ACCOUNTS AND OFFSHORE VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE PROGRAM: In recent years, the IRS began to focus its investigative resources on individuals with undeclared foreign accounts.  The IRS has also created programs, such as the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program ("OVDP"), which invites individuals to begin declaring these accounts without the risk of criminal prosecution.  However, these programs can hardly be described as "one size fits all."  Mr. Washington's practice includes performing a detailed analysis of his client's needs and advising clients on the best and most beneficial manner, in which to begin declaring their foreign accounts.