Business Litigation

The ability to create effective litigation strategies stems from the ability to understand the transactions, issues, and documents forming the basis of the litigation.  Creating effective litigation strategies also depends on the ability to analyze matters and deciding whether to settle matters or continue litigating.  By beginning his legal career as a federal law clerk for the Honorable Judge Carl J. Barbier, Eastern District of Louisiana, Mr. Washington was able to examine strategies utilized by practicing attorneys and learned which litigation strategies proved to be the most effective.  His experience as a federal law clerk, as well as his other professional experiences, has translated into an ability to effectively guide clients through the litigation process.

CONTRACT DISPUTES: Mr. Washington represents many individuals and companies that are engaged in contractual disputes.  He has been successful in resolving issues in favor of clients seeking to enforce contracts, as well as those clients seeking to have contracts invalidated for various reasons.

SUCCESSION LITIGATION: The unfortunate truth with successions is that shortly after loved ones finish the grief process, emotional disagreements often lead to disputes and litigation.  Mr. Washington understands the importance and sensitive nature of these issues and has successfully represented administrators, executors, heirs, creditors, and independent parties in relation to protecting succession assets and making claims against successions.

PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT: Professionals facing disciplinary proceedings seldom consider the importance of having representation during the process.  However, failure to consult with, or retain, counsel during these crucial proceedings may result in disciplinary actions that can possibly be avoided if counsel is retained.  Mr. Washington's practice includes representing individuals before professional disciplinary boards in order to reduce or eliminate disciplinary actions.

EMPLOYMENT DISPUTES: Whether advising employees of their rights, defending employers in suits brought against them by employees or governmental agencies in wrongful termination or discrimination matters, or simply protecting the rights of employees or employers, Mr. Washington has successfully litigated and resolved employment disputes.

BANKRUPTCY LITIGATION: Mr. Washington represents bankruptcy trustees and creditors in various matters involving protecting the bankruptcy estate or filing claims against the estate.